Standard Packing

  • Aluminum coils export standard sea-worthy wooden pallet eye to wall (horizontal type).
  • Aluminum coils export standard sea-worthy wooden pallet eye to sky (vertical type).
  • Aluminum sheets export standard sea-worthy wooden pallet with interleaving paper in between.

Sixteen Good Reasons to use Coil Coating

  1. Coil Coating is environment friendly.
  2. Coil Coating is cost effective.
  3. Coil Coating gives a uniformity of paint thickness.
  4. Coil Coating gives a superb automotive type finish.
  5. Coil Coating offers outstanding adhesion properties.
  6. Coil Coating is durable and long lasting.
  7. Coil Coating is easy to use forming and fabricating.
  8. Coil Coating can be carried out in wide range of colors.
  9. Coil Coating uses numerous different paint systems.
  10. Coil Coating ensures the proper coating of edges.
  11. Coil Coating provides superior resistance to corrosion.
  12. Coil Coating is an efficient process with less wastage.
  13. Coil Coating consumes less energy than conventional processes.
  14. Coil Coating offers easy recycling of process materials.
  15. Coil Coating gives a continuity of color.
  16. Coil Coating is a practical and efficient system.

Material Handling & Storage

  • Aluminum has to be wrapped properly to keep it in its dry condition.
  • To be stored in an indoor cover, away from drafts to allow it to warm up slowly. If this process is not carried out and stored in a heated warehouse with high temperature atmosphere, the metal might sweat.
  • If the working area has a difference in temperature which is more than 11° C (20° F) T.D., the quantity which is to be used only shall be moved from stores.

Excellent Characteristics of Aluminum Products in Transportation

  • Light Weight: The specific gravity of aluminum is 2.7 about one-third that of iron. B. Easy to work: Aluminum can be easily fabricated into various forms.
  • Easy to Recycle: Due to low melting temperature, it saves energy and protects nature.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance: When aluminum is exposed to air, a third oxidized film forms on the surface protecting the metal from corrosion.
  • Strong & sound shock-absorbing: Depending upon the alloy or temper of aluminum, strength of up to 600kg/mm2 can be reached because of low modulus of elasticity, it is used for automobile bumpers.
Warning: Roll forming should be done within one year of production of the material.